Secret Lives Of The First Ladies

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Your high school history teachers never gave you a book like this one! Secret Lives of the First Ladies features outrageous and uncensored profiles of the women of the White House complete with hundreds of little-known, politically incorrect, and downright wacko facts. You ll discover that: Dolley Madison loved to chew tobacco Mary Todd Lincoln conducted seances on a regular basis Eleanor Roosevelt and Ellen Wilson both carried guns Jacqueline Kennedy spent $121,000 on her wardrobe in a single year Betty Ford liked to chat on CB radios her handle was First Mama Hillary Clinton dreamed of being an astronaut And much, much more. With chapters on every woman who s ever made it to the White House, Secret Lives of the First Ladies tackles all of the tough questions that other history books are afraid to ask: How many of these women owned slaves? Which ones were cheating on their husbands? And why was Eleanor Roosevelt serving hot dogs to the King and Queen of England? American history was never this much fun in school!

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