Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness: Achieving Altered States, Mystical Experiences, and Spiritual Enlightenment

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This book describes procedures designed to induce spiritual or mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness. Whether these experiences are purposefully induced or occur spontaneously and unexpectedly, these altered states of mind and body invariably confront us with the oneness, timelessness, beauty, truth and perfection of ourselves and of the universe. They offer an unbiased and expansive view of the world that challenges and replaces our limited way of knowing and perceiving. They connect us to each other and fill us with a deep appreciation of the fundamental forces of nature. Ultimately they convey an essential but inexpressible truth that removes all our anxiety or pain and leaves us with a feeling of freedom, contentment and inner peace.

Even a brief taste of such a mystical or transcendental experience seem to change people in dramatically positive ways. One momentary immersion can change a person's psychological and emotional conditioning forever, perhaps even altering basic hormonal, neurological and biochemical states. Designed for the therapist wishing to induce these states in their clients or the individual seeking positive change, this timely book contains all you need to induce these states through the power of hypnosis. It will prove extremely popular with those within the Mind Body Spirit community seeking true enlightenment.

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