Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

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Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities addresses the natural process of maturation and sexual development for SWD. This book presents a balance of theory, research, and practice that will assist teachers, paraprofessionals, school administrators, school counselors, and community service agency providers in understanding the specific needs of SWD as they develop and the roles they should play in teaching students about sexuality. SWD reach the same physical milestones as students who do not have disabilities, however, some disabling conditions can delay successful development of healthy relationships that lead to mutually supportive sexual relationships.

Undergraduate students, graduate students, new and seasoned teachers, school administrators, and social service providers will benefit from this book. Readers who currently work with SWD or will eventually work with SWD need the information in this text to expand their understanding and strategies related to sexuality instruction. Those who develop or implement Individualized Educational Programs can use this text to support goals, objectives, and activities that are found in the transition plan. Those who work in postsecondary settings will find this information helpful in supporting adolescents with disabilities who are newly graduated from high school.

Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities provides a review of the most recent research and practice in sexuality instruction for SWD. It is a comprehensive guide for the wide range of disabling conditions. This is a different approach from other texts that focus specifically on one or a few disabling conditions. This book comes at a time in our culture when we more readily recognize the pitfalls of inadequate sexuality instruction; namely, sexual harassment and abuse. It is well-documented that people with disabilities are disproportionally victims of sexual harassment and abuse. SWD and young adults need teachers and community service professionals who are knowledgeable and supportive to provide instruction and feedback in this process. In addition to safety issues, the goal of this text is to assist teachers and service providers to help young people with disabilities to understand that sexuality is pleasurable and important part of growing up.

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