Shang Shan Tang: Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Ceramics 20 items

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This exhibition catalogue features 20 exquisite pieces of Chinese works of art, with the majority dated from the Song dynasty. Exhibited items include a Neolithic period pottery bottle; Machange-type Neolithic Period jars; Northern Song to Jin Dynasty June ware of Li-type tripod censer; a bubble-bowl with blue glaze and splashes; Northern Song Jun-type sky blue-glazed plate with everted rim and rose-purple splashes, Qingliangsi Ware; a celadon glazed lobed candlestick, Longquan ware; a sky-blue glazed ware dropper carved with peony design, Yaozhou Ware; a persimmon-red glazed saucer, Ding ware; white glazed small cup, Xing ware; paper-mallet vase with iron-rust splashes, Cizhou ware; porcelain child-shaped pillow, Changzhi ware.

Text in English and Chinese.

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