Shoot - Celebrating the Best of the Premier League Years: Nostalgic gems from the voice of football

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From Gazza and Cantona to Fergie and Wenger, the early years of the Premier League showcased some of English football's greatest personalities. Shoot: Celebrating the Best of the Premier League Years brings back fond memories of that beloved era - the days of seriously oversized shirts, extravagant goal celebrations, continental entertainers and managerial mind games.

This captivating compilation lifts the best articles and funniest features from the 1990s and early 2000s, as Shoot followed English football's transformation into the global powerhouse we know today. An unashamed wallow in football nostalgia, it features all the favourites you'd expect, including the Roy of the Rovers comic strip, the irreverent Over The Top, the always-controversial Greavsie column and more.

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