Show Off!: The Designer Brand Invasion of India

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The well-published Forbes list revealed that India has more billionaires than Japan. The 36 billionaires had a combined wealth of $191 billion, contrasting sharply with the 400 million Indians who still live on less than a dollar a day. As such, India as a society has always had wealth levels at each end of the spectrum. This book deciphers the growth of the Indian market for luxury goods and services across sectors and the underlying trends that determine them. It also profiles the new consumer, his mindset, his changing behaviour patterns and taste and follow his aspirations to predict future trends. The business of luxury is just that - a business. This book is the first-ever comprehensive look at the growth of the Indian market for luxury goods. It examaines the luxury sector from both the seller and the consumer point of view, as well as analysing the business environment, challenges and growth prospects for the sector in India.

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Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt Ltd
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