Specs: The Comprehensive Foodservice Purchasing and Specification Manual


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This is a ready resource of the standards by which foods are measured, purchased, and inspected. "SPECS: The Foodservice and Purchasing Specification Manual" is a must-have reference manual for the standards by which food is measured, specified for purchase, and inspected upon delivery to ensure that the foodservice operation is getting the value it is paying for. This new Student Edition is brimming with information on purchasing policies, foods, quality controls, and storage and handling procedures. Now in a handy, accessible format, it helps students and professionals ensure successful purchasing through quality control by covering: the development of a purchasing system, complete with sample forms for bids, ordering, receiving, and issuing; quality controls and federal regulations; storage and handling procedures; how to differentiate between "high" and "low" quality products; purchasing policies and information guaranteed to save time and money; the diet-conscious culture, including religious dietary laws, reading nutritional labels, increasing food awareness, and how it affects consumer eating habits; and, the theory behind specifications: Why do we need specifications? Who develops them? Who uses them?

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