Standard for Load and Resistance Factor Design (LFRD) for Engineered Wood Construction

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This first Standard for Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Engineered Wood Construction was prepared as a joint activity between the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Forest & Paper Association (AF & PA) to provide design provisions based on reliability theory. This standard was the result of deliberations of a team of structural engineers and wood material scientists with wide experience and high professional standing. The team included professionals from private practice, industry, government, and universities. By reflecting this current state of knowledge, the LRFD Standard offers uniform practice in the design of engineered wood structures. It specifically covers such topics as: design requirements; tension members; compression members and bearing; flexural members; members with combined bending and axial loads; mechanical connections; structural-use panels; shear walls and diaphragms; and serviceability. In addition, the Appendices address issues such as: resistance of spaced columns; glued laminated timber; ponding; qualification of fasteners and connectors; resistance of shear plates; and design of panel-based assemblies. Finally, a Glossary and a Commentary that provides additional background information are included.

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American Society of Civil Engineers
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