Statistics in Modern Research: Applications in the Social Sciences and Education

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Statistics in Modern Research provides an introduction to statistical applications in modern research in the social sciences and education. Focusing on applied statistics, this work requires no advanced mathematical skills since it presents no mathematical proofs, and computational algorithms for hand calculation of the more complex statistical procedures are omitted. Instead, the author utilizes the abilities of the computer in statistical applications in modern research. He begins with an overview of statistical research in the social sciences and education and a description of the application of statistical methodology in the treatment of variability in samples. He then describes the use of inferential statistics to test the legitimacy of generalization drawn from samples to populations and provides a frame of reference for quickly and accurately selecting the applicable statistical procedure for any given research effort. Martinez-Pons concludes with a discussion of microcomputer use in statistical operations as well as some controversial issues regarding the manner in which inferences from samples to populations are tested.

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