Strategic Green Infrastructure Planning: A Multi-Scale Approach

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Green infrastructure is becoming a priority for cities, counties, and states across the world. Recognition of the need to manage natural assets, trees, soils, water, and habitats, as part of our green infrastructure is vital to creating livable places and healthy landscapes. But the land management decisions about how to create plans, where to invest money, and how to get the most from these investments are complex, influenced by differing landscapes, goals, and stakeholders. Strategic Green Infrastructure Planning addresses the nuts and bolts of planning and preserving natural assets at a variety of scales, from dense urban environments to scenic rural landscapes. A practical guide to creating effective and well-crafted plans and then implementing them, the book presents a six-step process. Well-organized chapters explain how each step, from setting goals to implementing opportunities, can be applied to a variety of scenarios, customisable to the reader's target geographical location. Chapters draw on a diverse group of case studies. Abundant full colour maps, photographs, and illustrations complement the text. For planners, developers, conservationists, and others interested in the creation and maintenance of open space lands and urban green infrastructure projects or promoting a healthy economy, this book offers a comprehensive yet flexible approach to conceiving, refining, and implementing successful projects.

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