The Afterlife Handbook: A Travel Guide to Your Final Destination

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Whether you are a believer, an agnostic, or an atheist, "The Afterlife Handbook" is here to help make round two a little less confusing and a lot more enjoyable. Hey, going to Hell might not be as bad as you think! Despite being a place beyond our powers of mortal comprehension, the afterlife has much to offer the deceased person--panoramic scenery, fine culture, neoclassical architecture, burning fires, ceaseless torture, and/or eternal bliss, depending on your final destination choice. Meet the people, relax (or don't) at the various hotels and resorts, shop around, and, most importantly, get ready to laugh until your sides literally split (this can be accommodated). The faux leather, uniquely designed travel guide is a lifesaver for anyone planning to kick the bucket in the near or distant future.

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Rowman & Littlefield
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