The Development of Newtonian Calculus in Britain, 1700-1800

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This book examines the development of calculus in Britain during the century following Newton. It is usually maintained that this was a period of decline in British mathematics. However, the author's research has shown that the methods used by researchers of the period yielded considerable success in laying the foundations and investigating the applications of the calculus. Even when 'decline' was at its worst point, in mid-century, the foundations of the reform, which were to change the direction and nature of the mathematics community, were being laid. The book considers the importance of the work of mathematicians such as Isaac Newton, Roger Cotes, Brook Taylor, James Stirling, Abraham de Moivre, Colin Maclaurin, Thomas Bayes, John Landen and Edward Waring. It will be useful to science historians and philosophers studying the period, and to students of British history studying the teaching of mathematics.

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