The Elements of English: A Glossary of Basic Terms for Literature, Composition, and Grammar

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Stan Malles and Jeff McQuain have written this brief, yet very important glossary in the spirit of E.D. Hirsch's bestselling Cultural Literacy. Here is a dictionary of basic terms for literature, composition, and grammar that every American, no matter their age, needs to know.

Perfect for home and classroom use, The Elements of English is simple to use, unintimidating to read and easy to understand. Each area of language arts is divided into its own section, and a comprehensive index is also included. Each entry is concise, yet explained very clearly. Examples are listed to illustrate meanings, as are reminders, hints, and tips that further define and elucidate the terms.

The Elements of English has been used very successfully in classrooms across the country. This revised and expanded edition includes new entries plus three additional appendices. This is a little book that fills a big need, and it deserves a wide distribution and readership.

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