The Fourth Doctor: The Romance of Crime / The English Way of Death

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In The Romance of Crime, The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Romana and K9 to the Rock of Judgement; a court, prison and place of execution built into a rocket-powered asteroid. When involved in an investigation by the system's finest lawman, they begin to seek answers to some disturbing questions. In The English Way of Death, The Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive in 1930s London to return some overdue library books. They plan to take a rest after their recent adventures, but Romana detects a distress signal from the future and the Doctor is attacked by a suffocating green mist...A deluxe packaging for two very special adventures for the Doctor and Romana (Tom Baker and Lalla Ward) Other guest stars include Terrence Hardiman (the Demon Headmaster) and Michael Troughton, the son of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton. This limited edition has a run of just 10,000 numbered copies.

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