The Good Draw: Guiding You To Explore Your Creativity

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The Good Draw is a creative, self-help activity guide. In the book you'll find activities that spark your imagination and help you explore your creativity. Activities are split into past, present and future tense as well as some tasks which require your imagination. Visiting the past, present and future can lead to subtle understandings of reflection and visualisation, which aids general well-being.

The book offers:

  • Different creative activities such as drawing, music creation, writing and design.
  • Creative prompts to spark your imagination.
  • A subtle and fun way to start thinking about reflecting, visualising our goals and future thinking.
  • Therapeutic benefits that can aid mental health.
  • Various layouts to find what style works best for your creations.
  • A journal to look back on in the future.
  • A fun way to keep your mind active.
  • Creative and intellectual thinking.
  • A playful approach to creative tasks.
  • Nature inspired activities.
  • Indoor and outdoor activities.

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