The Irish Sketchbook of 1842

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Primarily a travel diary, Thackeray had a keen eye for humour, and a turn of phrase that will attract many. The undertones (and blatant overtones at times) of superiority and anti-popery (Anti-Catholicism) never threaten to undo the humour and quality of the observations. Travelling from Dublin through Kildare, Wicklow, Cork, Galway, Killarney and many more locations and back once more to Dublin, this book paints an intimate and enjoyable portrait of Ireland, in the 1840's prior to the Famine, and from the perspective of a witty and acerbic British Journalist. William Makepeace Thackeray was born in India 1811, and is best know for "Vanity Fair", a novel that investigates and reflects the society of early 19th century Britain. More importantly for this publication, Thackeray was regular contributor to Fraser's Magazine, "Morning Chronicle", "New Monthly Magazine" and "The Times and Punch". These Punch sketches reappeared in 1848 as "The Book Of Snobs", a satirical sketch of snobbery and snobs in England. He toured Ireland in 1842, and the resulting sketchbook is now republished.

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