The Journeys of my life

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This book narrates some of the journeys that Jordi Querol has made during his long walk through this world. The first trip in his life (1956), when he visited Bexhill-on-Sea (England) to learn English; his two years in Boston (1958-1960); his fabulous holidays (August-September 1959) in Rockport (Maine); his impressions working as a street painter in Sitges during the summers of 1961 and 1962, and then as sergeant in Seville (summers of 1967-68); his many trips to Brussels, New York, Zagreb, London, Chania, New Rochelle?; his summer stays in El Rompido (Huelva); and, during his childhood (1950-53), the trips he made by tram to get to his school (the Escuela del Mar) to, finally, end up talking about his Yamaha piano, the friend that awaits his return from each journey. Jordi Querol, in The Journeys of my life, tells us many of the varied adventures that he has had during his pilgrimage around the world. Sometimes, the distinctive trait of these experiences lies in his irony, some in his poetry, and others in his bitterness. Together they form a single storyline, since behind all of them is the life of the narrator: the life of Jordi Querol.

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