The Long Journey Home: A powerful story of love and redemption for readers of Dinah Jefferies

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A moving and powerful novel of love, secrets and redemption in a country torn apart by war. For readers of Kate Furnivall and Dinah Jefferies.

It's 1941 and Kate is living in Rangoon, Burma, a world away from her traditional English upbringing. When she meets Edwin, a young teacher from London, she senses that he too is looking for a place to call home, and soon a friendship develops between them.

As their bond grows, Kate begins to learn of the secrets in Edwin's past and the tragic events that brought them both to Burma. But war is coming and, when the Japanese forces invade, Kate and Edwin are forced to flee, along with thousands of others. They begin a perilous journey to India but soon become separated. As Kate continues on alone, she can't get this troubled young man out of her head.

With the fallout of war all around them, in a place far from home, will Kate and Edwin survive their journey and find the new beginning they both seek?

'A sweeping historical fiction masterpiece' My Weekly

'Evocative and atmospheric. Blench captures the wild and perilous journeys made by so many at the arrival of the war' Wilbur Smith

The Long Journey Home is a Wilbur Smith adventure writing prize winner.

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Readers are loving The Long Journey Home:

'Wow . . . The characters are beautifully alive, the locations so craftily described that I felt like I was there . . . a magnificent, well-researched novel.' Netgalley reviewer

'Written with compassion and thought . . . you really feel the emotions of the characters.' Netgalley reviewer

'The ending is delightful yet sad but at the same time life affirming. A soaring saga that will touch the reader and leave footprints on your heart.' Netgalley reviewer

'Well written with great detail . . . What a great writer Cecily Blench is.' Netgalley reviewer

'A real page turner from the very beginning . . . Cecily Blench is an excellent writer.' Netgalley reviewer

'Rich in emotion and description this book is just amazing . . . highly recommended.' Netgalley reviewer

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