The Oxford Encyclopedia of Agriculture and the Environment: 3-Volume Set

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Through a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed articles, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Agriculture and the Environment presents an authoritative overview of the role and impacts of agriculture on the natural and human environments, from its origins historically to current praxis and outlooks. It examines the major themes of global and regional environmental change, the evolution of agriculture, historical styles of agriculture, famine, agricultural pollutants, research needs in agriculture, and the future of agriculture. The collection includes expert perspectives on specific important crops, soil science, land abuse and stewardship, methods of irrigation, experimental agricultures, patterns of farming, history and agro-archaeology, current agricultural trends, and contemporary public policy. It is curated by an international panel of scholars led by Editor in Chief Richard W. Hazlett, along with Associate Editors Peter Bogucki, Marc Los Huertos, Attila Nemes, and Giuseppe Provenzano.

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