The Radical Sabbatical: The Millennial Handbook to the Quarter Life Crisis


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A book for everyone who is tired of that Sunday night dread...Just over a year ago, aged 24, Emma left her job with the Civil Service to spend a year experiencing 25 different careers before turning 25. Aiming to promote career fulfilment and advocate for more diverse career education, Emma was overwhelmed by the response and the lessons she has learnt have been invaluable. Interweaving New You and self-help, THE RADICAL SABBATICAL blends the extraordinary perspective gained from experiencing twenty-five different careers in a year, with practical advice for those who want to make a career change and for those who don't even know where to start.Divided into three sections - `How To Learn What Makes You Happy', `How To Get 25 Jobs' and `How To Turn Indecision Into Opportunity' - THE RADICAL SABBATICAL addresses core issues and lessons learned from trying so many careers. Offering practical advice in an engaging and accessible manner, it will inspire readers of all ages to take control of their lives and give them the confidence to make the changes that are right for them.

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