The Rise of Biodesign: Contemporary Research - Methodologies for Nature-inspired Design in China

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Bio-inspired design is both simple and complex.

Simple because it provides an easy reference to discuss ideas through a means we all can relate to and become inspired by - the natural world. The topic engages a spectrum of professionals, from environmental enthusiasts to design professionals and scientists.

The complexity arises when we need to understand beyond what we see and understand how nature works. At many levels, we are still exploring how systems are inter-related and to decipher these relationships we have to look beyond the idealised inspiration.

Throughout the world, research and development that focuses on bio-inspiration has been steadily increasing and is expected to continue to do so for the next two decades. Currently, China is one of the leaders in scholarly articles focusing on bio-inspiration.

Although this topic is developing at an impressive rate, much of the public awareness of bio-inspiration and similar areas of research such as biomimetics and biomimicry is relatively unknown. Therefore, to provide insight into this process, this collection of work shines light on the methods currently being explored in China's top institutions.

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