The Squirrel Murders

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Worrying reports are flooding in from concerned park keepers around the World. It appears that the squirrels, who for so long have had to put up with being chased up trees and harassed by dogs out on their daily walkies, have finally decided to take revenge on their canine tormentors. It seems no dog, whether on its lead or off, is safe from the cunning plans, sneaky ruses, ingenious inventions and diabolical machinations of these fluffy-tailed little hitmen. After reading this, will you dare to take your dog to the park again? This is the first in a planned series of "The Squirrel Murders" cartoon humour books by Martin Baxendale, in the same vein as the very successful "Bunny Suicide" books, with the squirrels finding ever more ingenious and funny ways to dispatch the dogs that have tormented them for so very, very long.

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