The Undercover Truth Detective: How to be smarter and make sense of the world - with the help of numbers!

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Uncover truth, live smarter and see the world like never before.

Numbers have escaped from maths class and they're everywhere! They are splashed across papers, building on social media, and overheard in everyday conversation - and in an era of fake news, we distrust them. But numbers can help us understand the world around us and - in the right hands -have the power to change things for the better.

In the TRUTH DETECTIVE, Tim Harford takes us on a journey deep into the world of fake news, forgery and dodgy data . We meet heroic truth detectives such as Florence Nightingale, wicked fraudsters and Gulross- the pooping cow that beats professional bankers at their own game. We see dinosaurs facing off double decker buses and ten-pound notes stacked so high the reach the moon.

Along the way, we learn how to think critically, curiously and confidently about what we believe. Because t he tricks and tips that we need to think clearly about numbers aren't special mathematical techniques. They're all about having the right attitude, asking the right questions, keeping your cool and not being fooled. And if used wisely, they can help us uncover truth, live smarter and see the world like never before.

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