The World of Wine and Food: A Guide to Varieties, Tastes, History, and Pairings

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Many wine drinkers would like to be more adventurous but are reluctant to experiment by choosing an unknown wine that may disappoint. There are literally tens of thousands of wines and scores of countries around the globe producing them - and shelf after shelf of different Merlots or Pinot Grigio can be a little intimidating.

How to choose the right wine is one problem, deciding on what to serve it with is another. Why do some wines taste better with some foods and why do other wines taste dreadful when paired with certain dishes?

This comprehensive review of wine and food offers the information needed so that people will feel empowered and ready to experiment with their wine selections and then be able to pair them with the right foods for a memorable taste experience.

Every major wine producing country in the world is covered, the wine producing regions within those countries, grapes used, and the styles of wines made. Every major cuisine of the world is covered including many of the most popular dishes. The reader is then shown how to marry the right wine with the right food. Easy and accessible, this reference belongs on the shelves of any true oenophile as well as the novice wine lover.

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