The Zion Traditions and the Aims of Jesus

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This 1997 book provides an exciting re-interpretation of the sayings and actions of Jesus. Setting him firmly in the context of first-century Judaism, it asks how important the city of Jerusalem and the theological traditions centred on it were to Jesus. At this time, Zion had become 'the symbol of the life, beliefs and hopes of all Jews'. Those Jews who expected the coming of a messianic Davidic king assumed that he would reign from Zion. Dr Tan argues that, as a prophet, Jesus was attracted inevitably to the city of Zion. Skilfully integrating what Jesus is recorded to have said with what he is recorded to have done in the last weeks of his life, Dr Tan suggests that an understanding of the importance to Jesus of the Zion traditions not only helps us to understand the unifying aim behind Jesus's ministry, but also provides us with the key to the riddle of who Jesus thought he was.

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