Torchwood: God Among Us Part 2

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Big Finish picks up events after Miracle Day and Aliens Among Us with Torchwood: God Among Us. When a God comes to Cardiff, the world goes to Hell. Norton Folgate has come from the 1950s to warn Torchwood it's the end of the world. He might have a point - there's an alien god wandering the city, and a sinister force manipulating events behind the scenes. Where are all the homeless people going? And why doesn't it stop raining? 5. Flight 405 by Lou Morgan. 6. Hostile Environment by Ash Darby. 7. Another Man's Shoes by Tim Foley. 8. Eye of the Storm by David Llewellyn. CAST: John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman), Tom Price (Sergeant Andy Davidson), Paul Clayton (Mr Colchester), Alexandria Riley (Ng), Jonny Green (Tyler Steele), Samuel Barnett (Norton Folgate), Jacqueline King (God), David Warner (The Committee), Ramon Tikaram (Colin Colchester-Price), Jessica Hayles (Kirsty), Rhys Isaac-Jones (Aaron), Kyle Lima (Ben), Laura Dalgleish (Phone Shop Manager), Che Francis (Jay), Richard Henderson (Waiter), Rakie Ayola (Andrea Davenport).Other parts played by members of the cast. NOTE: Torchwood contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

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