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Let your young tractor-lover get up close to these mighty machines!

Filled with exciting vintage tractors, powerful farming machines and the latest state-of-the-art John Deere, this tractor book for kids shows all kinds of big and noisy farm vehicles at work.

Hop inside the cab and get a drivers-eye view! This children's book about tractors includes:

- Brand-new photography shows galleries of colourful tractors and all their amazing attachments
- Important and interesting tractors are highlighted, with all parts clearly labelled
- Covers a wide range of tractor attachments, from ploughs to bulldozer blades, and explains all the parts and how they work
- Also includes weird and wonderful tractors, ploughing competitions, and tractor restoration

Explore the wonderful world of farming and see tractors big and small in action! DPS spreads and stunning images show tractors and machinery hard at work - from ploughing and harvesting to carrying heavy loads and building or breaking. Total Tractor! is the perfect way to engage children aged 6-11 years with fun facts and essential stats about tractors including pulling power, tyre size, and much more!

Travel through time with the pictures of tractors through the ages. Discover historic steam engines in incredible detail and follow their development right up to the present day. Children will also get to explore all the different types of tractors, such as the bulldozers and diggers in the city and the giant saw-wielding forestry tractors. This is a must-have farm book for any child who is passionate about tractors and machinery!

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