Truffle: A Global History

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What is a truffle? Is it the highest order of fungal foods, above the many mushrooms we eat? Despite its unappetizing appearance, the truffle is without a doubt one of the most prized ingredients in the world's pantry. Truffle digs deep into the story of this unlikeliest of luxury items, exploring the truffle's intoxicating hold on our senses and how its distinctive flavour has become an instant indication of haute cuisine. Zachary Nowak traces the truffle's journey from the woodlands of France, Italy and Australia to the kitchens of East Asia, Europe and the Americas. Comparing the history of this shy fungus in the Old World with its growing prominence in the New World tells a larger story of the growth and dynamism of modern Western cuisine and food cultures. Featuring many instructive and surprising illustrations, and numerous recipes both historical and contemporary, this unique book is a must-read for chefs, food historians and anyone who has ever been drawn by the truffle's mysterious, rich and savoury allure.

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