Two Gentlemen on the Beach

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On the face of it, Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin two icons of the twentieth century couldn t be more different. One is the grand statesman whose resolve led a nation in the struggle against Nazi Germany, the other the world-famous actor and comedian behind "The Great Dictator," whose owns roots were in poverty and hardship. But in this moving novel, they are bound by a dark secret: both suffer from depression. When a chance encounter reveals what they share, an unusual and unlikely friendship ensues. A series of therapeutic meetings across the world, in Germany, England, and America, sees each become the other s confidant as they talk of their black dog days. With the eye of a masterfully subtle narrator, Michael Kohlmeier imagines a startling friendship of unique understanding between this extraordinary pair: a friendship of the twentieth century between art and politics, humor and seriousness, but which at heart remains an understanding between two men the poor tramp and the grand statesman who bring together the history of the century.

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