Under Both Flags: Personal Stories of Sacrifice and Struggle during the Civil War


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Although the cataclysm of the Civil War altered American life for ever, by 1896 the scars left from those four long years of turmoil and strife had begun to heal, making it possible for both Union and Confederate veterans to come together and share their stories. In these vivid firsthand accounts you'll feel as if you are standing on the smoke-enshrouded deck of the Hartford with Admiral Farragut as flaming shells leap over its bow; you'll experience the desperate exhaustion of the lone scout making his way from Vicksburg to New Orleans through enemy country; and you'll suffer alongside the army surgeon who can save so few of his wounded comrades. "Under Both Flags" is an unvarnished presentation of the issues that divided America, as told in the personal recollections of those who participated in the campaigns, marches, suffering and countless instances of courage during this gigantic struggle. As its original editors note: "The war of the sixties is over; but the price of its lesson was the blood and treasure it cost. The men of the North and the men of the South each fought differently; but the bravest and most sincere expressed their opinions on the battlefield, and in their glorious record the world recognizes the unparalleled valor of the American soldier". Illustrated with contemporary photographs and illustrations, this is a collection that should prove a valuable reference for Civil War enthusiasts and history buffs.

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