Vanishing Animals

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Especially for this book, Andy Warhol has created prints (silkscreen over collage) of some of the most endangered animals in the world. Here they are joined with a stimulating text by Dr Kurt Benirschke affording the reader an opportunity to discover the lives and habits of these animals and what the outlook is for their survival.

Extinction, the tragic and permanent loss of entire species of animals, should be a concern for everyone This concern and a strong desire to take action toward preventing the loss of more animals has brought about an unusual collaboration between art and science. The result is this beautiful volume in which artist and scientist have joined efforts to inform and inspire others to take action. It is hoped that these fascinating and striking portrayals will stimulate readers to join their own energies and talents to this important fight against the loss of more species.

This book brings some of the less well known endangered animals to the reader's attention. These animals deserve just as much attention as the giant panda or the mountain gorilla about which so much has already been said. Naturally, the animals presented here are very personal choices, having been selected from a virtually endless supply of animals whose last hour is rapidly approaching.

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