Vegan on a Budget: 125 Healthy, Wallet-Friendly, Plant-Based Recipes


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Vegan on a Budget is a thoroughly up-to-date vegan cookbook that makes it easy on your wallet to enjoy delicious, healthy, plant-based food for every meal of the day, every day of the week, including food everyone loves, like burgers, pizza, and pasta dishes.

To make it easy to prepare plant-based meals on the cheap, the author supplies an arsenal of tips on: the best plant-based protein bargains for the buck, buying in bulk (what's best and what's best to avoid), non-organic fruits & vegetables that are safe to buy (for a lot less money), where to find coupons for natural foods, how to use apps like Ibotta, Drop, and BerryCart to save on healthy, vegan foods; which ready-made vegan sauces & condiments are cheaper and just as good as made-from-scratch, which foods are safe to buy after sell-by dates, how to save money with batch cooking and freezing, and more.

Delicious and economical recipes include hearty soups and stews, such as White Bean Chili with Sweet Potatoes & Squash; skillets and stir-fries, like Vegan Sausage Skillet with Cabbage & Potatoes; roasted and baked fare, such as Roasted Root Vegetables with Brussels Sprouts; noodle dishes, including Italian-Style Sausage & Peppers Pasta.

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