Village: One Land Two Systems & Platform Paradise

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The book features an encounters between creative communities: a community of forced displaced villagers, a community of artists, of designers, and of architects. The context was the village of Ein Hawd, an as of recently 'unrecognized' Palestinian village built within viewing distance of the inhabitants's former homes, now an Israeli artist village, Ein Hod. The encounter with the village was intense. It the hot summer of 2008, a group of over 20 artists and architects such as Matthijs Bouw, Yona Friedman, Dan Graham, Ali Kazma, MAP Office, Multiplicity, One Architecture, Tomas Saraceno & Museo Aerosola, Debra Solomon, Berend Strik, Sharif Waked, and many more, gathered from over the world and submerged themselves in the village's daily life. They slept on the free beds the villagers could offer for a period between a week and three weeks. In this time the artists, the architects and the villagers produced wonderful projects, shared amazing conversations, and arguments. They reflected on the profession, on the context, and on life. This extreme condition forced them to stretch the boundaries of their professions and forced them to be creative in so many ways: architects practiced activism, villagers made art works, artists made architecture and the other way around, and so much more.

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