Wayfinding Design in Public Environment

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Provides an informative statements on contemporary wayfinding design principles Modern public space requires wayfinding information that can help users familiarize or adapt themselves in new building environments. Wayfinding systems designed to fulfil the essential functions of direction, notice or explanation often absorb creative designing elements. This book is an informative and systematic compilation of many updated design works for wayfinding by international designing studios, ranging across shopping malls, gardens, hospitals, schools, office buildings, museums, libraries, among others. And the wayfinding design works represented in this book originate from their application in various public spaces. This book is a great reference for graphic designers, architects, scholars, or students majored in the design disciplines. AUTHOR: A veteran of 32 years with ICON, Andrew Hodson has helped to develop their global portfolio, including the last three FIFA World Cups and UEFA European Championships, plus a host of other major international branding projects. SELLING POINTS: - Showcases IMAGES' strong talent for mining design information from around the globe - Provides informative statements on contemporary wayfinding design principles - Covers projects that range from exterior public spaces, such as gardens and parklands, to the exteriors and interiors of offices, medical facilities, shopping malls and museums, among many others - Showcases a graphic and highly visual collection that is inspirational and is a strong reference for architects, graphic designers, landscape and interior designers, and all who are directly involved in the built environments - Features rich, full-colour photography of contemporary wayfinding systems designed by an eclectic international group of designers 300 col.

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