We Are Family

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Al Santamaria is a child prodigy, probably the greatest genius of the twentieth century. So much so he could actually be the one to save humankind from extinction, but first he must solve a more pressing problem, to find a home for his family. Because, truth be told, life has not always been easy for the Santamarias... Caught between their desire for redemption, delusions of grandeur, and paralysed by the inability to believe in their own dreams, the struggles of the Santamarias - like those of the Malaussenes in the series by Daniel Pennac - mirror in microcosm the history of Italy from the 1970s to the present day. But Al is not the type to give up. Overcoming endless trials and tribulations, he will build, bit by bit, a new world for himself and his family, aided only by his big sister Victoria, and whatever resources are available to a child. Resources which in his case are unlimited because, he doesn't know it yet, but he will remain a child forever. We Are Family is an uplifting

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