Welcome to Jazz: A Swing-Along Celebration of America's Music, Featuring "When the Saints Go Marching In"

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Kids love music. They're natural singers and dancers, and they improvise every time they play. They were born for jazz! And Welcome to Jazz was made for them.

A follow-up to Welcome to the Symphony - with over 70,000 copies in print - Welcome to Jazz is also written by music educator Carolyn Sloan, and uses Symphony's ingenious, interactive picture-book-and-sound-chip format.

Structured around the iconic song "When the Saints Go Marching In," Welcome to Jazz narrates the story of jazz and discusses what the audience is hearing as the band begins to play. Best of all, the sound chips actually demonstrate what's happening - what vocal scatting sounds like, how to pick out a swing beat, and the tones of different instruments, from the trumpet to the clarinet. And in the end, kids can sing along with the band in a traditional call-and-response verse.

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