Wild Philippines

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The 7,107 islands of the Philippines archipelago represent a wide range of habitats from tidal sand bars to mighty mountain ranges; from coral reefs through rainforests to summit grasslands. The country's isolation from mainland Asia also gives it a high number of endemic plant and animal species. Nigel Hicks' stunning photographs and vivid text explores each of the natural environments and habitats. He describes and illustrates species of the open seas, of the coral reefs and sandy shallows, and of the many different types of forests including the 37 species of mangrove tree found in the Philippines. He gives an overview of the protected areas that safeguard a cross-section of these vital environments and discusses the conservation issues past and present. Wild Philippines provides an authoritative and entertaining study of the wide spectrum of wildlife on the land and in the seas of this diverse country.

"Before travelling to the Philippines in 2017 for BBC World News, I searched for a book to give a thorough overview of the diverse yet highly threatened wildlife across this fascinating archipelago. And at last, a couple of years too late, I have finally found it. 'Wild Philippines' is much more than just a coffee-table book, it is a one-stop shop to ensure anyone planning a visit will hit the ground running. Meticulously researched and with accompanying photographs that illustrate beautifully all habitats and many of the key species, it is obvious that this book is the culmination of years spent by the author faithfully recording this island nation's nature." Mike Dilger, Naturalist & Broadcaster

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