Wilderness Knits: Scandi-Style Jumpers for Adventuring Outdoors

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Outdoor life has always been a big part of knitting designer Linka Neuman's life, and she is dedicated to knit sweaters that not only look great, but also withstand rough weather.
Linka is inspired by people who live a little differently and venture out of their comfort zone. Her wilderness knits have joined adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts on strenuous trips in both forests and mountains - and on expeditions to Canada and Mount Everest.
In this book she shares designs for 23 different jumpers, cardigans, and headbands with the wilderness look inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes of Norway, which are photographed in this stunning book. Linka's goal is to design garments that will keep you warm and dry, so no matter how long or short your adventure is, you will be cosy in your bespoke, home-knitted jumper.

Introduction (7)
About the yarn (9)
Before you begin (11)
Wilderness sweater: Sweater (16), Jacket (20), Kids (24)
Alasuq: Polar (38), Thin (42)
Fjord people /People from the fjords: Sweater with swen sleeves (52), Sweater with rundfelling (56), Jacket (60)
Matoaka (66)
Galdrer (71)
Molinka (76)
The North Calotte: Sweater (82), Jacket (88)
The Norwegian Forrest Sweater (96)
December Headband (101)
The Pilgrim Sweater: Polar (106), Thin (110)
The Storm Sweater (118)
Black Wolf (122)
Tusseladd: Jumper (130), Polar (134), Jacket (138)

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