Wine Making: A Guide to Growing, Nuturing and Producing

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Wine Making - A Guide to Growing, Nurturing and Producing offers a personal yet practical guide for your grape to bottle journey. The book covers all aspects of wine production; whether it's a dozen bottles of wine created with love from your kitchen table, or thousands of cases produced from a commercial vineyard. It will guide you through the processes, the challenges, the fun and the satisfaction to expect as you 'grow your own wine'. Topics covered include grape production - vineyard site selection, choosing, planting and caring for vines; methods to maximize fruit production, and how best to harvest to minimize damage; the winemaking process - steering the producer through each stage in sparkling and still wine production; wine tasting - focusing on what flavours to seek and recognize, and which to avoid; the business of establishing a vineyard - expectations and costs involved and finally, terroir - and what it really means to winemakers and consumers today.

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The Crowood Press Ltd
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