Wisdom for Home Preservers: 500 Tips for All Kinds of Food Preservation

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People have been preserving food since ancient times- evidence shows that Middle Eastern cultures were using the heat of the sun to dry their foods as early as 12,000 BC- for reasons of survival or culture or both. Fast forward to the present day, and preserving our food- perhaps homegrown, seasonal, local, organic, or free-range- is an essential and enjoyable part of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The ideal companion for dabblers, foodies, and anyone interested in having a closer relationship with what they eat, Wisdom for Home Preservers is a friendly, informative guiding hand to the whole range of traditional food-preservation techniques: drying, freezing, jam- and jelly-making, pickling, canning, salting and fermenting, curing, and smoking, plus storing and troubleshooting too.

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