Witch Way Home (Book 1)

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Witch Way Home? is the first book in The Witch, The Dagon and The Angel Trilogy. The Scott family are on holiday on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, when disaster strikes. Hurricane force winds destroy their home and a tsunami sweeps the island. Dad, (Jimmy Scott), leads his wife.Sienna, and two children, Josh and Sam, up to an abandoned ancient fort, or broch, on the headland heckled all the time by his mother-in-law, Mary. Jimmy is convinced that Mary ia a witch but before he can confirm this he is plunged into the supernatural world of fairies, elves, werewolves, dragons and a particularly attractive talking rat. Is Jimmy in a coma or is he really in Faerie land? Josh and Sam must help their Mum and Granny survive whilst conditions worsen on their island and supernatural forces start to leak into the normal world. Can the family save the world fom total destruction?

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