Working With Muslim Clients in the Helping Professions

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Members of the Muslim community are a growing population in North America and Europe who go underserved due to challenges that they face when seeking to utilize services. In addition, providers of these services face challenges in understanding the unique needs required by communities with specific subsets of religious values. Cultural and religious beliefs, stigma, bias, and misunderstanding can all create barriers between helping professionals and their clients. It is essential to bridge the knowledge gap for these individuals in order to better and effectively serve these specific communities.

Working With Muslim Clients in the Helping Professions is a research publication that focuses on helping professionals in areas such as social work, human resources, counseling, nursing, and other related areas to understand pertinent issues that may impact their success when working with Muslim clients. Highlighting topics such as migration trauma, community health, and Islamophobia, this title addresses contemporary issues that impact the full and successful utilization of human services by Muslims living in non-Muslim majority countries. It is ideal for social workers, therapists, counsellors, human resource professionals, nurses, doctors, caregivers, medical professionals, mental health practitioners, life coaches, academicians, researchers, public health educators, and students.

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