Yokai Girls, Vol. 12

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Get ready for sexy supernatural shenanigans in this Mature-rated monster girl comedy! Twenty-year-old virgin Nishizuru Yatsuki has always considered himself a fairly normal guy-he's a high school graduate, works a part-time job, and hangs out at a maid cafe. He does have one very special ability: he can see yokai spirits! Usually he copes with these ghostly visions by ignoring them-but everything changes when he meets a beautiful young woman named Rokka. Now Yatsuki's normal days have taken a notably abnormal turn, as he finds himself the sole defender of a growing harem of supernatural-and super sexy-yokai girls!

VOLUME SUMMARY: With Rokka still lingering deep in a coma after saving Yatsuki from the Guardian's influence, the Yokai Girls band together to remind Yatsuki of what's important: family, friendship, and good food. Yatsuki, determined to save Rokka, sets off on a quest to learn more about the origin of the Guardian's powers. His journey sends him down an unexpected path-it's time for a road trip to Shizuoka!

Kazuki Funatsu is an incredibly prolific Japanese manga creator best known for Addicted to Curry (Karei Naru Shokutaku), Sundome!! Milky Way, and Yokai Girls.

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