Young Workers in the Shadow of the Great Recession: Analysis & Perspectives

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Young adults in the United States have experienced higher rates of unemployment and lower rates of labour force participation than the general population for at least two decades. The Great Recession exacerbated this phenomenon. Despite a substantial labor market recovery from 2009 through 2014, vulnerable populations -- including the nation's young adults -- continue to experience higher rates of unemployment. Meanwhile, changes in labour market conditions, including globalisation and automation, have reduced the availability of well-paid, secure jobs for less-educated persons, particularly those jobs that provide opportunity for advancement. Furthermore, data suggest that young workers entering the labour market are affected by a long-running increase in the use of "contingent" work arrangements, characterised by contracted, part-time, temporary, and seasonal work. This book summarises insights from the Survey of Young Workers and related research in the field; and it frames policy and research issues for future consideration by the Federal Reserve Board and others interested in young workers.

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