Your Pelvic Floor: A Practical Guide to Solving Your Most Intimate Problems<br>


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This book outlines symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, and shows you how to fix them.

What is pelvic organ prolapse - which 50% of women will experience - and can it be prevented? Urinary incontinence is treatable with physio. Women on average suffer symptoms for 7 years before going to a healthcare professional which has a huge effect on mental health. Pelvic floor issues are often only talked about in relation to pregnancy and childbirth. This is not just a "mum issue": high impact exercise (running, HIIT, CrossFit) affect the pelvic floor. Young athletes/gymnasts who have never had children are highly likely to suffer from incontinence.

Women should not accept dysfunction as a "normal part of being a woman", but instead need to prioritize their pelvic floor health - this book shows that it is never too early and, crucially, never too late to do so.

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