James Maclaine


James Maclaine y Paul Parker

Junior Illustrated Thesaurus

James Maclaine y Various

Holiday Activity Book

Lucy Bowman, Rebecca Gilpin, et al.


James Maclaine y Jeremy Norton


James Maclaine y Maribel Luchuga

Never Get Bored Draw and Paint

James Maclaine, Sarah Hull, et al.

Bees and Wasps

James Maclaine y John Francis

First Sticker Book Christmas Market

James Maclaine y Vicki Gausden

Miss Molly's School of Manners

James Maclaine y Rosie Reeve


James Maclaine y Jeremy Norton

First Sticker Book Paris

James Maclaine y Wesley Robins

Little Children's Travel Activity Book

James Maclaine y Erica Harrison


James Maclaine y John Francis

Christmas Activity Book

James Maclaine, Lucy Bowman, et al.

Lift-the-Flap General Knowledge

Alex Frith, James Maclaine, et al.

Junior Illustrated English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Felicity Brooks, James Maclaine, et al.

Big Picture Book of General Knowledge

James Maclaine y Annie Carbo

Never Get Bored Cut, Fold and Stick

Lara Bryan, James Maclaine, et al.

Never Get Bored on a Train Puzzles & Games

Tom Mumbray, Lan Cook, et al.

Pencil and Paper Activity Book

James Maclaine, Lan Cook, et al.

Lots of Things to Know About Animals

James Maclaine y Carolina Buzio

Countdown to Christmas

James Maclaine, Abigail Wheatley, et al.


James Maclaine y Maribel Luchuga

100 Jet Planes to Fold and Fly

James Maclaine, Andy Tudor, et al.