Louie Stowell

Coding for Beginners: Using Scratch

Jonathan Melmoth, Louie Stowell, et al.

Sticker Romans

Louie Stowell y Jean-Sebastien Deheeger

Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Long Ago

Louie Stowell, Lucy Bowman, et al.

Make your own comics

Louie Stowell y Various

My First Story Writing Book

Louie Stowell, Katie Daynes, et al.

Write Your Own Story Book

Louie Stowell y Katie Lovell

Sticker Halloween

Louie Stowell y Diego Diaz

Politics for Beginners

Rosie Hore, Alex Frith, et al.

Beauty and the Beast

Louie Stowell y Victor Tavares

Write Your Own Mystery and Ghost Stories

Louie Stowell, Megan Cullis, et al.

Look Inside Your Body

Louie Stowell y Kate Leake

The Monster in the Lake

Louie Stowell y Davide Ortu

Wind-up Pirate Ship

Louie Stowell y Christyan Fox

The Usborne Book of Greek Myths

Louie Stowell, Anna Milbourne, et al.


Louie Stowell

Nature Trail: Insects

Rachel Firth y Louie Stowell


Louie Stowell y Various

ABC Pride

Louie Stowell, Elly Barnes, et al.


Louie Stowell


Louie Stowell

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