Peter Murphy

Immigration and Australian Cities

Ian Burnley, Peter Murphy, et al.

The Math of Astrology

Peter Murphy y Beth Rosato

Global Creation: Space, Mobility, and Synchrony in the Age of...

Michael A. Peters, Simon Marginson, et al.

Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy

Michael A. Peters, Simon Marginson, et al.

Public Service Accountability: Rekindling a Debate

Peter Murphy, Laurence Ferry, et al.

Down Under Par

Charlie Earp y Peter Murphy

John the Revelator

Peter Murphy

Cases and Materials on Evidence

Newcastle Law School) Cooper Lecturer in Law Simon (Lecturer in Law, Peter Murphy, et al.

Last Christmas

Peter Murphy

Planning Australia: An Overview of Urban and Regional Planning

Sydney) Thompson Susan (University of New South Wales y Perth) Maginn Paul (University of Western Australia

A Statue for Jacob

Peter Murphy