2021 International Booker shortlisted author Benjamin Labatut's recommendations

Por The Booker Prizes

Por The Booker Prizes


Georg Buchner

8,99 €

The most ecstatic piece of short prose ever written. The style, the subject matter, the meandering paths of the narrator, were centuries ahead of their time. A literary singularity.

The Rings of Saturn

W.G. Sebald

12,99 € 12,08 €

The last great master, the only one that I re-read every year. I am addicted to his dreamlike prose, his obsessive attention to detail, and the unending melancholy written across every page.

From Hell

Alan Moore y Eddie Campbell

24,99 € 23,24 €

A veritable magician, Moore packs more beauty and horror into a little speech bubble than most writers can manage to set down in an entire chapter.

Nazi Literature in the Americas

Roberto Bolano

9,99 € 9,29 €

A dark, yet brilliant book. An incredibly funny reminder that evil walks this earth in human form, and that writers can be the cruelest and most despicable of all beings.


William S. Burroughs

9,99 € 9,29 €

It reads like the devil’s diary. Dripping with blood and cum, it is almost too evil to bear, and yet I cannot seem to look away.

Blood Meridian

Cormac McCarthy

9,99 € 9,29 €

The high caliber prose of this unique book is able to sublimate savage scenes of violence to portray one of modernity’s most complex and unforgettable villains: the erudite philosopher/psychopathic killer, Judge Holden.