9 Crime Thrillers You'll Be Totally Gripped By

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Are you looking for a new mystery to get lost in? If so, look no further. We've compiled nine stunning crime novels you'll be sure to enjoy, with hard-bitten detectives and depraved killers galore. Dive in and see if you can crack the case before the detectives!

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die

Marnie Riches

7,99 € 7,43 €

When the University of Amsterdam is rocked by an explosion, aspiring criminologist Georgina McKenzie is approached by the police to help them discover who set the bomb. But soon Georgina realises that the explosion is only a part of a larger and more sinister plot - and it's a race against time to stop it.

Someone Else's Skin (D.I. Marnie Rome 1): Winner of the Crime Novel of the Year

Sarah Hilary

8,99 € 8,36 €

On a visit to a women's refuge to take a witness statement, DI Marnie Rome instead discovers an attempted murder. As she attempts to discover the truth about what took place, Marnie instead comes face to face with some old demons of her own.

In the Woods: A stunningly accomplished psychological mystery which will take you on a thrilling journey through a tangled web o

Tana French

8,99 € 8,36 €

Twenty years ago, Adam Ryan went into the woods to play with two friends. That was the last anyone saw of them - only Adam was ever found, his shoes filled with blood and with no memory of what happened. Now Adam - having changed his name and moved on - is a detective in the Dublin Murder Squad. When a little girl is found dead in the same woods where his friends went missing, Adam - now known as Rob - finds himself inexorably drawn back into the mystery of what happened all those years ago.

A Deadly Influence

Mike Omer

8,99 € 8,36 €

As a hostage negotiator, Abby Mullen is no stranger to stressful situations. But that all changes when she gets a call from Eden Fletcher - a fellow survivor of an insidious cult - asking for her help. Her son has been kidnapped - and the culprit is demanding a ransom she cannot afford to pay. As Abby tries desperately to solve the case, she realises that it may have a closer link to her past than she first thought... and her past might not be entirely buried.

The Gilded Cage

Camilla Lackberg

8,99 € 8,36 €

From the outside, Faye Adelheim has the perfect life: a beautiful home, a gorgeous and wealthy husband, and the perfect child. That is, until she ends up in a police station. It appears that Faye's life is far from what it appears to be. But now that the truth has come out, it's clear that Faye has no intention of going down without a fight. But who will she take with her on the way?

Let Her Lie

Bryan Reardon

22,99 € 21,38 €

After a professional misstep derails his career, documentary maker Theo Snyder makes an ambitious and desperate choice. With no other ideas for his next film, he decides to profile the notorious serial killer Jasper Ross-Johnson. But getting close to a man as dangerous as Johnson proves to be more complicated than he expects. As he dives into the story of Jasper's last killing, Theo begins to realise that there might be more to it than anyone realised - and that there might be another killer still out there. Can he uncover the truth in time to stop another murder - or will he be too late?

A Clubbable Woman

Reginald Hill

9,99 € 9,29 €

Rising rugby star Sam Connon arrives home to find his wife even more uncommunicative than usual - on account of her being dead. Suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation. Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe are called in to investigate the murder. With very different ideas about what happened - and how to manage the case - the chances of them solving it seem slim. Can these unlikely partners pull together and crack the case?

The Yard: Scotland Yard Murder Squad Book 1

Alex Grecian

8,99 € 8,36 €

It's been a year since Jack the Ripper claimed his final victim. But the memory of him still hangs over London, and the inhabitants of the city live in a state of terror. When a gruesome crime is discovered, Walter Day - the young policeman assigned to the case - starts to wonder if Jack the Ripper has returned. Is anyone safe from attack? And can he uncover the identity of the killer in time?

The Bat: Harry Hole 1

Jo Nesbo

8,99 € 8,36 €

Detective Harry Hole was supposed to be keeping out of trouble. At least that was the plan - until he's sent to Sydney to investigate the death of a young Norwegian girl on a gap year. When the death turns out to be linked to a series of unsolved murders, Harry realises that he's on the hunt for an audacious serial killer - and the clock is ticking to catch him before he kills again. The trouble is, he might be the next victim...